Clearing all doubts

Should I modify my brushing technique because I’m wearing braces?

Your brushing routine must be very strict, brush your teeth at least 3 times a day and after each meal.

The lack of dental hygiene can cause cavities, gingival swelling and permanent white spots.

Is it painful to wear braces?

Damon System uses less force than conventional orthodontics all thought at the beginning it can cause slight discomfort.

Do I have to avoid some food?

Yes. You should avoid the following:

  • Bubble gum, lolli-pops and chewable candies.
  • Apples must be cut in little pieces and corn taken out of its cob. You should never bite them with your front teeth.
  • Hard bread
  • Meat should be cut in small pieces.
  • Do not bite pencils or pens
  • Don´t touch your braces with fingers or other elements
What happens if I miss my appointments?

If you are not going to be able to attend your appointment, you should notify ahead of time. Remember that the less frequently you visit your orthodontist, the longer you treatment will be.

How long would it take?

Thanks to this top-notch technology we can estimate the length of your treatment after your first visit. There are more complex cases, but generally, with  Damon System, it will last less than two years.

How much will the treatment cost?

Every case is different, even so, we assure you that we can find a payment plan that will suit you.

Which are the office hours?

We are open:

  • Mondays and Fridays from 9 am to 8 pm.
  • Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Thursdays from 9 am to 12 am and from 4 pm to 8.30 pm.

Our clinic is located in 111 Alsina street 1st Floor Office 9 (Bahia Blanca, Argentina).

How often will I have control appointments?

Generally, just once a month, although with Damon System there are stages of the treatment when you will have to come once every two month.

How long is each appointment?

Except for the first two visits when the braces are bonded in the upper and lower teeth (approximately 1 hour each), the other ones will not take longer than 5 or 10 minutes.

At the end of the treatment, will my teeth return to their original position?

Your teeth will move during all your life, in patients who have had orthodontical treatment as well as in those patients who haven´t had no treatment at all.

Once you had finish your treatment you will be provided with removable appliances for your upper teeth and fixed contention will be placed on your lower teeth to maintain their perfect position.

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