How to Brush your Teeth wearing Braces?

Tooth brushing is the most important part of your orthodontic treatment. An appropriate brushing will help you avoid cavities, keep your gums healthy and even shorten the length of your treatment because if you have gingivitis the braces can´t be activated until your gums are in good conditions.

TIME is essential for an appropriate brushing. 30 seconds or 1 minute are not enough. A good brushing should last at least 4 minutes. Remember that your teeth should be brushed after every meal.

Brush the outside of your upper teeth in circular motion, 10 seconds each tooth. Remember to go from the last molar of one side to the last molar of the other side.


Repeat the circular motion of the upper teeth now 5 seconds each tooth, but only brushing the part between the bracket and the gum. To do this, you will have to place the toothbrush in a 45° angle.


Repeat steps 1 and 2 for your lower teeth.

Now, brush the occlusal surface of your upper and lower teeth.

Brush the inside surface of the upper teeth with an up-down sweeping motion several times.


Brush the inside surface of the lower teeth with an up-down sweeping motion several times.


After brushing your teeth brush your palate and your tongue.
(NOTE: All photos were taken without tooth paste so that you can clearly see what we are explaining.)



How to use it?

The use of dental floss is fundamental to keep your teeth without cavities between them, and also to keep your gum healthy.

Since this is a slow procedure, we recommend you to do it just once a day, preferably at night.

The use of dental floss is similar for patients with or without orthodontic patients, except that patients with braces have to pass it under the wire.

The SuperFloss has three different parts: first a short semi rigid part (A), then a sponge section (B), and finally a long piece of conventional floss (C). These are the correct steps to use it.


Introduce the short rigid part of the superfloss under the wire.


With the sponge part clean each side of the bracket.


Pass the floss between the teeth, first to the left and then to the right. Remember that the floss should reach the border of your gums and even should go under it a few millimeters but without causing any pain.


Carefully remove the floss and repeat these procedure in all your teeth. Once you are finished throw the floss away.


Finally, rinse your mouth with water and start to brush your teeth.



How to use it?

The interproximal brush is very important to keep your braces clean. Its use is very simple. I recommend you to use it without toothpaste after having brushed your teeth. This is the perfect way to use it:

In front of a mirror introduce the interproximal brush underneath the wire arch and clean both sides of the braces.


Repeat this procedure in each one, tooth by tooth and without toothpaste.


Once you have finished, rinse your mouth and wash your interproximal brush.


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